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Slender Creature

Slender Creature Painting is what I do to release what I hold inside, and lately I have had nothing but nightmare after nightmare. It has felt like the darkness has consumed my entire being. I ask myself what the hell is going on with me lately? Is there a dark entity haunting my dreams? Has it attached itself to me? The only way I know how to release these thoughts is to paint it out. I have no idea if this will help rid myself of the darkness, but I hope to paint what I have experience in my nightmares, I want to put it on canvas and keep it there. Last night I began painting what I felt and what I have seen, and this is what manifested itself. I hope others can relate to my experiences and find a way to release their inner darkness. Please feel free to write or send Alaskan Paranormal  your stories or artwork, we will display it upon request.

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