Sunday, October 9, 2016

Slender Creature

Slender Creature

Painting is what I do to release what I hold inside, and lately I have had nothing but nightmare after nightmare. It has felt like the darkness has consumed my entire being. I ask myself what the hell is going on with me lately? Is there a dark entity haunting my dreams? Has it attached itself to me?

The only way I know how to release these thoughts is to paint it out. I have no idea if this will help rid myself of the darkness, but I hope to paint what I have experience in my nightmares, I want to put it on canvas and keep it there.

Last night I began painting what I felt and what I have seen, and this is what manifested itself. I hope others can relate to my experiences and find a way to release their inner darkness.

Please feel free to write or send Alaskan Paranormal your stories or artwork, we will display it upon request.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nightmare: Demon Advent

Demon Advent

Have you ever had a dream that disturbed you so bad that you still remember it till this very day? I've had plenty, but there is one that stood out to me. One that I know I will never forget, a dream I can describe detail by detail. So real that I could feel its presence in the real world. This is my nightmare.

I slowly walk down my stairs to the basement floor of my house. My bedroom sits off to the left, right in the corner nook of the wall. I walk slowly towards my bedroom door which is slightly cracked, I open the door and stop right in the doorway. A sick sense of fear rushes over my entire body. I scan the room before I hesitantly walk in; I stop. It's there, laying in my bed. A girl, or should I say thing.

By this point it is sitting up looking at me. It's hair is dark and mangled; it's face slightly elongated and extremely white. It's eyes..... dark, darker than the devil's soul himself. It smiles. I ask it "Who are you?" it doesn't respond it just sits there, I once again ask "Who are you?" Still smiling it slips off the bed to the far right, I cannot see it. It then slowly pokes its head out from behind the bed post and grins at me. By this point I am frozen with fear. I cannot move nor could I speak.

I Somehow find the words again to ask "what are you?" As soon as the words fall from my lips it starts moving towards me, still frozen with fear. I stand there as is quickly crawls distortedly towards my legs, when it reaches me it stops in a crouched position and the flings its head up looking right into my eyes, it smiles. Then without warning it grabs onto the upper part of my thighs extremely hard.

That's when I wake up, I could still feel it holding on it my body. I scream, my entire body feels uneasy and violated. I scan my bedroom. nothing is there. This nightmare haunts my mind every day, is something following me? Am I haunted myself? Why did it come to me? What does it want? I ask myself these questions anytime I think of that nightmare, and the thing that disturbs me the most is the fact that it was so real that I can still describe every single detail.

Have you experienced demonic forces coming to you? If so please tell us your story.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Share Your Paranormal Experience!

What's Your Paranormal Experience?

Hello my fellow Paranorm's!

Every one of us have experienced something, or is wanting to experience the paranormal. The world is a gigantic place and I am quite sure that there have been many different experiences. I am reaching out to you, to hear your story.

To share please email us by using the
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We will review your story and post with credits to you!

LIMBO by Playdead

Everyone loves games, and I especially love creepy games. After doing some browsing on my Google Play Store I came across an interesting looking game called LIMBO.

This puzzle-platform game was developed and published by Playdead, a team of 25 innovative experts based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

This game is dark and artistic at the same time, what a wonderful combination! The noir; black and white appearance mixed in with pure creepiness is exactly what I would want in a game.

LIMBO was first released on July 2010 for the XBOX Live Arcade. After its first release Limbo was slowly released to other game consoles and operating systems.

This game is addicting, I have recorded some play shots of what the game looks like.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Top 5 Most Unsettling Horror Films

Top 5 Most Unsettling Horror Films

Halloween is right around the corner and what would be more fun than preparing your movie list for the ultimate Horror movie marathon?!?

Halloween and Horror movies have always been a favorite of mine, and now a annual Halloween tradition.

I have done a lot of "research" .... aka a lot of movie watching and have concluded the top 5 Horror movies that would make your skin Crawl!

#1. Baskin

A 2015 Turkish Horror film based off of a 2013 short film also called "Baskin". Both Films are directed by Can Evrenol. This film is the most gory horror film I have ever seen, if you can handle blood, guts and gore this movie is just for you!

 #2. The Taking Of Deborah Logan

A 2014 American Footage film that holds a 84% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is so twisted and sinister it leaves you feeling disgusted with fear!

A 2006 science-fiction / comedy film. This movie is beyond messed up, it will make you laugh and give you the creeps at the same time, Twisted!

#4. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

A 2009 Dutch film written & directed by Tom Six. Most of us have seen or heard of this film, and know what the basic concept of it is. It is absolutely disgusting, and I think we can all agree this is a one time watch movie.

#5. The Fair Haired Child (Masters of Horror)

This movie is actually the ninth episode in the first season of Masters of Horror, it originally aired in 2006, this mini movie has been a favorite of mine for the longest time. If you want to get freaked out this one will do it! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

First Paranormal Experience

I've always been super interested in ghosts and anything paranormal, I have pondered if it was due to the fact that my parents let me watch "Horror" movies since I was like 3 years old. As I reached an age where I can fully grasp what a ghost exactly is, thats when things started to happen.

I was about 8 years old, I was living with my Mother and her boyfriend at the time in her boyfriend's home. I never liked that place since the moment I stepped foot in that house, it had a very off setting feeling. Once we moved in and settled down my established room was located downstairs, what a horrible spot to have a room especially in this house. I never liked being inside the home even when people where there, I would stay outside until I had to go to bed. There was just something about that house that gave me a feeling of RUN.

As time passed the unsettling feeling never ceased, it in fact grew into down right fear. A fear that is so gut wrenching and deep that it stays with you for the rest of your life. I dont know what was in that house, or why I was chosen to be its target but that feeling I felt in that house has never left. Was it demonic? I dont know... but I can surely say it was not good entity. I completely lost my self assurance and confidence and began sleeping with safe light, others would call it a night light and I still do till this very day.

The first thing I started to notice was the automatic light in the kitchen, it would turn on when it detected motion. I would stay up late and watch tv in the living room due to the fact that I had sleeping problems, no one else was up only me and the light would turn on. The only way to turn this light on is to walk in front of it. This scared the absolutely crap out of me, there was just no way to explain that trust me ive tried de-bunking it. This would happen anytime I was home alone.

The worst experience in this home happend almost every other night. When I was at that state of sleep when you're still awake but not fully the door of my room would open on its own. This door was kind of messed up from the house shifting so it took a lot of effort to open of close it. I would lay there thinking "it's just the house settling, it's just the house settling". Then the door would sound like it was actually getting shoved open by someone....or something.

After this, I became best friends with a night light, and always shut my closet door. Because you know thats a creepy place too, and with that being said there's a small look into my first paranormal experience.